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master content & standards

Stress less about meeting national and state standards.
Every Career Adventure lesson is aligned to standards!

Build STEM and career skills

Meet STEM and College and Career Readiness goals
of your district or state. Each lesson focuses on a STEM career.

engage the entire class

Show your students how the topics they learn in school
are relevant to the real world through hands-on activities.

Popular Lessons


Safety and HAZMAT Trainer: Building Safety Masks
STEM | 6th-8th Grade
In this adventure, students will create a HAZMAT mask to work with hazardous materials.
Computer Programmer: Kids and Exercise
STEM | 3-5th Grade
In this adventure, students will be computer programmers and design a new smart device to help kids get more exercise.
Urban Planner: Designing a Kid City
Arachnologist: Discovering a New Spider
STEM | K-2nd Grade
Celebrating Fall

Social Studies


Environmental Toxicologist: Understanding Ph Values Copy
Ophthalmologist: Sensory Receptors
Astronomer: Constellations
Science | K-2nd Grade
September 26: Astronomy Day
Environmentalist: Using Magnets
Science | 3-5th Grade
In this adventure, you will think like an environmentalist and tackle an ocean pollution problem!


Paleontologist: Non-Standard Objects for Measuring
Math | K-2nd Grade
In this adventure, students will be a paleontologist and use non-standard objects to measure new fossils that they discover.
Computer Programmer: Pythagorean Theorem
Math | 6-8th Grade
In this adventure, you will think like a computer programmer and use the Pythagorean Theorem to dearm mines
Egyptologist: Introduction to Area and Perimeter
Math | 3-5th Grade
In this adventure, students will be an egyptologist and find the area and perimeter of a hieroglyph.
Astronomer: Introduction to Coordinate Graphing
Math | 3-5th Grade
In this adventure, you will think like an astronomer and graph the location of a constellation.

Rozzy has impacted 100,000 students!

Rozzy works with thousands of schools in all
50 states and countries around the world.

Teachers report increases in their students' attitudes
toward school and their time on-task.

Rozzy works with predominantly Title 1 schools and schools located in rural, urban, and underserved areas.

“My principal and I love how the lessons are separated by STEM career. We haven't seen that before in other curriculums.”
– Amanda, STEM Coordinator
“I’ve reviewed so many science and STEM things over the past two months, and I haven’t found exactly what I was looking for until I saw what you offered when I reviewed all the samples.”
– Colleen, Teacher
“We used some of the programming for our first week of camp (our STEM) week and it was a huge hit! The girls LOVED it. I’m really looking forward to using it with our After School Program!”
– Justine, Program Director
Having this career-based program elevated my schools’ curriculum. It not only engaged the kids, but the parents loved seeing our school value career learning. We’re bringing this back every year!”
– Dave Nagar, Franchise Owner

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