Urban Planner: Using Kinetic Energy

In this adventure, you will think like an urban planner and create a device that can generate electricity for a city using kinetic energy.

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Aligned to:

  • NGSS Standard: MS-PS3-5
  • Arizona Standard: 8.P4U1.3
  • TEKS Standard: 6.9.C
  • Minnesota Standard: 
  • NC Standard: 7.P.2.3

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  1. Susan Testa on September 15, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    My students were very engaged in this lesson. They did a wonderful job collaborating with one another on the group design for the prototype, as well as constructing a model of their ideas. They did a fine job with their oral presentations. They were also asked to individually write about the process. This component was asked of them to ensure each student individually grasped the concept being taught. Positive feedback was given by students as they are interested in energy and how it affects our planet as well as the cost to produce energy.

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