FAQs on Remote Learning

Rozzy has created new worksheets which are perfect for using in a remote classroom. They can either be used as a ~20 minute lesson or assigned as homework or solo work during the day. Our worksheets use fillable PDFs so each student can fill their answers directly in the sheet, save it, and send their answers back to you. 

It’s simple to upload a Rozzy worksheet or lesson as an assignment in Google Classroom and have your students work on it independently. 

Here’s a guide for students on how to download PDFs from Google Classroom and use them:

Students will need to:

  • Download the assignment from Google Classroom
  • Complete the work in the fillable PDF
  • Save the document
  • Go back to the assignment page in Google Classroom
  • Click “Add or Create” and choose “File”
  • Choose the PDF just worked on
  • Click “Turn In” to turn in the assignment